Thursday, October 7, 2010

Love Actually

Christmas will be here soon. Okay, not real soon, but close enough that I am about to break out one of my favorite winter flicks--"Love Actually." I'm not a Hugh Grant fan. Let's just be clear on that fact. But there is something mesmerizing about his voice when he says, "Love actually is all around us." I like that. A lot.

When my life gets crazy and hectic (and this is all the time since I became a mom), I forget about all the wonderful things, big and little, around me. Love is to be had right here and right now. I spend so much time trying to dole it out in perfect spoonfuls that I forget to soak it in. I am, quite frankly, missing the freaking love boat.

In honor of Hugh Grant's voice and the warm feelings it evokes, I decided to write down a few things I actually love, or love actually. It's a work in progress, which works out great because guess what? So am I.

Heather's "Love Actually" List
1. Snuggling in bed with my boys (even with unexpected kicks and then giggles)
2. Warm puppy smell
3. Getting to walk a new trail that goes deep into the woods
4. Steamy romance novels
5. Alpaca socks
6. Sniffing permanent magic markers
7. Kneading bread dough
8. Eating homemade chocolate chip cookies
9. Kissing my hubby
10. Reading good writing, or writing some good reading
11. Quality time with those I love
12. Learning someone's story
13. Eliminating clutter
14. Dancing in the car with all the windows down
15. Buying school or office supplies
16. A hot shower
17. Sharing a meal with family and friends
18. Big bear hugs
19. A random act of kindness
20. Sending handwritten letters in the mail

I could on for a long time, I imagine, but I think there is power in just honoring a few things at a time. It would be even better to make a list each day. Different day, different list, but all things that bring happiness to a life. What's on your "Love Actually" list? Well, besides me, of course.

1 comment:

  1. 1. The smell of rain or a musty cellar
    2. The kids telling me they love me very much and their warm kisses
    3. Getting Heather's handwritten notes in the mail...