Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Excuse Me

It's been 51 days since my last blog post. I guess I could be grandiose and say that I gave up blogging for the summer to focus on a simpler life. I turned inner versus catering to the outer. I love that concept, really I do, but it's just not true. The truth is that I filled myself up with excuses this summer and didn't have time for anything else.

I stopped walking outdoors, which keeps me totally sane and physically healthy, because it was just too hot. I got behind on housework and laundry, too. No energy, you see. I also lost my patience completely right before July 4 and never got it back, but it's because I have boys and they're crazy. I've been swamped with work stuff, personal stuff and then a whole bag of "other" stuff. When you're life is this full, who has time to write and reflect?

Tonight, I walked for an hour at the Nature Center. While soaking up the beauty and putting my feet into action, it's like all those nonsensical excuses just poured out of my soul. The world came back into focus. It was quiet and quick, but it made me teary just the same. I also made a few resolutions, starting this evening, to ensure my summer of excuses doesn't turn into the story of my life.

1. Walk outside everyday. Nature heals many things.
2. Blog weekly. It doesn't have to be profound or lengthy, it just has to be real.
3. Snuggle with my kids more.
4. Cut out white sugar. It's crack that makes me fat.
5. Nurture the relationships around me.
6. Find a few moments of quiet time in my day to meditate, pray or reflect on what is real.
7. Laugh.
8. Lighten up. My life isn't a dress rehearsal, but it can still be a good time.
9. Stay hopeful.
10. Try one new adventure each month. Be open to asking others to join me.

I'm back, my friends. No more filling my belly and mind with excuses. We make our life what it is and I'm thankful for that. I've already got my alarm set to walk outside tomorrow morning. What will you be doing?


  1. Welcome back! So glad to hear this. Your voice and spirit have been missing from the blogging world! But I truly understand the struggle to fit it in. I do know it will benefit not only you but us as well! So thankful for you.

  2. I love making excuses! It's the one activity I've really mastered! I had to make myself blog tonight. I found a teaching job two weeks ago. School starts Monday, and everything is a big ball of chaos. That was my excuse for ditching the blog. But I did it. It wasn't interestng, profound, or long. But I did it. And you can, too. With way more grace and humor than I.