Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Blue with Blog Envy

I have blog envy. I've been reading tons of different, really freakin' creative, blogs about design, cooking, rustic living, and even a whole bunch of what not. My blogging of late has fallen into the last category--a bunch of what not. I haven't been writing anything.

I can make tons of excuses, but I think this daily feed of great blogs (yes, apparently there are people in the world that blog more than once a month) has given me blog anxiety. I've got nothing special to report. I don't sew or craft. I can't grow anything except really out-of-control kids. I'm not trendy in decorating my house or my body. I do like rustic. I just haven't gotten around to doing away with the indoor plumbing yet.

To spice it up, I'm going to tell you the worst possible truth about me. You, sweet person, out there in infinite web land will hear it first and then take it viral for me. Here it is. I'm super ordinary. I'm like (hiccup, hiccup) everybody else. I'm not even fruit on the bottom yogurt or smooth vanilla. I'm plain. Lower calorie, yes, but truly only loved by dietitians and health nuts.

To make myself feel better tonight, I put on my "I'm busy....read my blog" shirt that my friend, Steph, bought for me a few years back. It's all blue with funky white letters and it does sort of make me feel official. I might never finish a novel, but I AM a blogger with 32 followers. It's also a real tight t-shirt, kind of like a hug that keeps on squeezing.

So, in honor of great blogs, I've compiled my list of favorites. I may be blue with blog envy, but I can still recognize talent when I see it. That's a gift of ordinary people, I think.

Food Blogs
101 Cookbooks (Heidi makes me want to cook with food I've never heard of, such as millet)
Orangette (author of "My Homemade Life")

Crafty Blogs
A Beautiful Mess (I would like to marry Elsie Larsen...she's that spunky and creative)

ThxThxThx (a thank you note a day)

My Friend's Blogs
My Ideal Reality (Mari knows books and I follow blindly)
Wonderings from My Wanderings (Mel has a heart for others and the world)
Who You Calling Mom? (Honest and funny)

Happy reading, or blogging, or whatever you do. I'll keep writing, I guess. Please keep reading.

Much love,

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  1. Thanks, friend. As you can tell, I am not even making my once-a-month goal. I truly enjoy your "bunch of whatnot" because it is genuinely you! My current read is very old school: The Scarlet Pimpernel. I am lovin' it!