Sunday, June 1, 2014

My Beloved Sniffer

I love to sniff things. This is not breaking news, I know, especially for those who know me well and have been hiking with me, but it's been on my mind since a recent conversation with a co-worker. 

It started with oranges. I was commenting on the great smell and we got talking about how very few people strongly use their sense of smell. Strongly, as in they ooh and aah over the unique or wonderful or interesting smells in the world. I definitely do. Apparently, he does, too. We went over a laundry list of smells. It was so exciting!

I never realized that some people aren't as touched by smell as I am. For me, smells are tied directly to memories or feelings. Baking bread reminds me of my grandma. Lilacs of my mom. But I feel the most blessed when a smell can change my whole mood. I can't tell you how many times I've cried quiet tears in the woods, simply from breathing in the smell of pine and breathing out the sorrow. Life changing.

So, in honor of my beloved sniffer, here are a few things I love to smell. If smell is also your thing, I know you will relate. If it's not, well, perhaps this just raises my freak flag a little higher in your book. I'm okay with that, too.

1. My kid's hair after they come in from playing outside. Fresh air and sunshine. 

2. Hubby's neck. Sounds odd, I know, but pheromones smell wonderful, especially those of your mate. Primal is often offset by perfume. It's a shame.

3. The forest. I almost hyperventilate breathing it in.

4. Freshly-laundered sheets hung to dry on the clothes line. Perfection.

5. Warm, sleeping dog. The smell relaxes me.

6. Libraries, printing-presses, or freshly-copied paper. I can't tell if it's the paper or the ink, but I like it!

7. Freshly-ground coffee beans and a hot cup of coffee. 

8. A bouquet of peonies. Lilacs are lovely, too.

9. Baking bread. It fills the whole house and I'm thankful.

10. My mom's hug. I think it's a combination of her laundry detergent, shampoo, and perfume, but I get teary every time I smell it. I know I won't get to smell it forever.

These are my favorites. What about you? What's your favorite sniffing?

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